We can supply a full range of electrosurgical equipment and accessories. Please contact us for further information.

Ekkomed A/S is a supplier of single-use/reusable endoscopic equipments and accessories. Our sortiment is being updated and will soon be showed in this category.

If you have any questions until then, you are most welcome to contact us on Phone: +0045 9740 6870 or email:

Cryotherapy for warts, fibroma, keratosis and age spots Warts can be treated in 1 consultation Very accurate, pain free treatment -89°C

We represent Wardray Premise Limited, a UK company with over 100 years experience in the medical imaging field.

Products include:

- MRI Transportation equipment - Tested to 7 Tesla

- MRI Furniture - Tested to 7 Tesla

- MRI Relaxation Audio & Video system, Relax & View® Image system

- MRI Safety monitoring equipment

- X-ray Products and Services: Solutions for X-ray transportation; Scoliosis and Proctology scanning; X-ray protection for personnel and patients.

EMCOOLS develops innovative cooling devices designed to improve survival rates and neurological outcome after acute ischemic events and in various hyperthermic diseases like sepsis, heatstroke or malignant hyperthermia. The patented, non-invasive HypoCarbon® pads ensure an easy application, provide highly efficient cooling rates and can be used in the pre-hospital and in-hospital setting

Please see for latest clinical information

EMCOOLS Flex.Pad is a non-invasive surface cooling system, which ensures easy and efficient cooling. Beneficial for therapeutic hypothermia and normoterapibehandling (fever reducing) Packed individually 10 pads per box.

Hybrid polypectomy snare 10 mm Rotatable Lenght 2300 mm Both Hot and Cold use Working channel 2,8 mm Sterile, disposable 1 box = 10 pcs.

Disposable is available as 5 mm (Standard, Bariatric) and 3 mm (Standard). Limited Use is available as 5 mm (Standard, Bariatric) - can be used up til 10 times.

Digital blood pressure monitor For clinical use Suitable for patients from 3 years and up Storage for 210 readings 1000 measurements on full charge batteries Including 2 cuffs m (22-32 cm) and L-XL (32-52 cm). Option cuff size S (14-22 cm).

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