Gynecological instr. 

Gynecological instr.

Gynecological instr.

Our gynecological instruments are manufactured by the German company Rudolf Riester GmbH. They are all made of stainless steel and are autoclaveable (134°)

Cusco virgins, 75x17 mm Matt finish

Cusco 75x32 mm Matt finish

Cusco 85x35 mm Matt finish

Cusco 100x35 mm Matt finish

Graeve 75x20 mm Polished finish

Graeve 95x35 mm Polished finish

Graeve 115x35 mm Polished finish

Speculight Lighting attachment for vaginal specula 85 cm cable with clip and 2.5V vacuum bulb Regulated light intensity   For 2 C-batteries

Diagnosis of sterility and hysterosalpinography syringe of 10cc, Luer-Lock connection

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