MRI Transportation 

MRI Transportation

Welded seams to assist with infection control procedures Adjustable flip up foot rests are removable. Raise and lower arm rests to ease patient transfer Safely transports patients up to 200kg (440lb) 

Non marking, low rolling castors with foot operated brakes to the rear. Up and down (below seat level) armrests allowing easier access and patient transfer. Retractable footrests with anti-slip covering. Safely transports patients up to 220kg (490lb). Testet to 7 Tesla.

This new chair has been designed specifically to transport bariatric patients to and from the MRI suite and is MR safe. 7 Tesla.

The Series III MR Safe Adjustable Height Trolley is fully tested at 7 Tesla. With Trendelenberg supplied as standard, the weight bearing capacity has significantly increased to 220kg (490lbs).

These trolleys are specifically designed for the safe transportation of infants and young children to the MR suite.  

MR Trolley fixed height Testet for 7 Tesla Lenght 2150 mm, Width 680 mm

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