MRI Accessories 

MRI Accessories

Over the last 10 years, slide sheets have become invaluable for repositioning a patient in bed without the need to lift. This significantly reduces the risk of back injuries in staff carrying out patient handling tasks.

These reversible Prism Glasses are specifically designed for the MRI patient and has the advantage of being adjustable to either feet or head view direction. A clear view of the scanner bore can considerably reduce anxiety and movement due to claustrophobia.  7 Tesla. Option: with ear pieces or straps for fastening.

This lightweight sensitive device with a simple single control operation gives both an audio and visual indication of the presence of metallic objects.   

ECG radio translucent electrode Wet gel, foam backing material Application: Monitoring (MRI) Shape/Measurement: Round/Ø 50 mm Characteristics: No latex, no PVC. Non-sterile Radio and MRI translucent Connector: Stud 30 pcs. per pouch/40 pouches per box

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