Dissectors 5 mm and 3 mm

Disposable available in 5 mm (Standard and Bariatric) and 3 mm (Standard).

Limited Use available in 5 mm (Standard and Bariatric) - can be used up to 10 times.

4 pcs per box.

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Product Specification:Type:Size:
Disposable:Limited Use:
0208-DD01XX0207-LD01XFDissector - MarylandStandard5 mm
0208-DD01RX0207-LD01RFDissector with ratchet
Standard5 mm
0208-DD01XX03-Dissector - MarylandStandard3 mm
0208-DD01XXB0207-LD01XFBDissector - MarylandBariatric5 mm
0208-DD01RXB0207-LD01RFBDissector with ratchet
Bariatric5 mm

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